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Gira Project Assistant (GPA)

ZIP, 326.503 Kb

Version: 2.4

Date: 04.12.2017


System requirements

Operating system: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Free hard drive space: at least 16 GB
RAM: at least 4 GB

Supported devices

  • Gira X1 V1: Configuration/commissioning and maintenance functions
  • Gira Logic Module V1: Maintenance functions
  • Gira L1 V2: Configuration/commissioning and maintenance functions
  • Gira G1 V1: Maintenance functions
  • Gira KNX IP router V2: Firmware update
  • Gira KNX IP router V3: Maintenance functions

"Maintenance functions" refers to firmware updates, restarts and factory resets which are carried out through the Action Center (GPA menu -> Action Center).

What's new in GPA V2.4

  • The remote access area has been completely revised.
  • As of version 2.4, there is a remote access tile that is activated via the “Project scope” dialog.
  • Support of secure remote access via the new Gira S1 (in preparation) and the ise smart connect KNX Remote Access. This allows for:
    • easy and secure remote programming of GPA project incl. maintenance functions such as firmware update.
    • easy and secure remote programming of ETS projects.
  • Clear overview of the further remote access methods such as OpenVPN.
  • A new further project export function makes it possible to export projects without any passwords. (Passwords, which are saved in URLs for example for IP cameras, cannot be removed during export.)
  • After a successful project import, the corresponding project tile receives the focus. With that the imported project can be found immediately in the project overview.
  • Three new trades were added (cameras, multimedia, IP connections). These can be adapted individually as usual.

Errors remedied in GPA V2.4

  • If a project was opened in an earlier GPA version via the Context menu, then the Breadcrumb navigation received a double entry.
  • The default value of a data point was no longer displayed in older GPA versions after closing and opening the project.
  • In case the VPN and Gira portal settings are incomplete, a corresponding message is displayed during project testing.
  • If older GPA versions were deinstalled, it could happen that firmware files were also deinstalled that are needed by newer GPA versions. This error is rectified as of version 2.4 but still can occur when deinstalling older GPA versions
    (< version 2.4).
  • If the password input was cancelled while pairing up the Gira X1 catalogue device with the physical device, the message was displayed anyway that the device was successfully paired.
  • The order of the favourites in the Gira X1 app was lost after a start-up procedure with GPA V2.3.

Known errors in GPA V2.4

  • Please note that when entering the default value (data point view), the entered value is not checked. For a correct entry, please observe the example text and the tool tip. In addition, the entry is different to further entries, for example in the logic editor or timer editor. Please always comply with the format required by the editor.
  • Values that are written to a variable data point in simulation mode will not be passed on. This only applies to the simulation. The variable data points function as normal on the Gira L1.


OpenVPN and DHCP

The OpenVPN function in the Gira X1 only works in conjunction with DHCP. There must be a DHCP server in the network and the Gira X1 network must be initialised via DHCP and not by means of static IP configuration. This is necessary in order for the OpenVPN server to be able to assign an IP address to connecting clients. Should you wish to always use the Gira X1 with a fixed IP address, you can generally configure the DHCP server (usually part of the Internet router) in such a way that it always assigns the same IP address to the Gira X1.

Gira X1/L1: Saving retentive data

Retentive data is saved by the Gira L1 every 15 minutes. Data may be lost within this time period in the event of power failure.

Gira X1/L1: Provision of physical address requires application download

The Gira X1/L1 offers several physical addresses. When the physical address is programmed within the ETS, only the device address is adopted. The additional addresses are only adopted after downloading the application program.

Gira X1/L1: One-time delay for first event

After project download, the Gira X1/L1 responds to the first event with a delay of approx. 1 second.

GPA: Service "" is not available“

A solution description is specified in the "Troubleshooting" directory. This is found in the installation directory of the Gira Project Assistant.
Example: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Gira\Gira Project Assistant\2.3\Troubleshooting"

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