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Gira Expert

Order No. 0529 00, 2075 00

ZIP, 255.714 Kb

Version: 4.5.0

Date: 10.11.2016


Expert Software Version 4.5.0

The Expert Software 4.5.0 is to be used in conjunction with the following end devices:

  • HomeServer 4
  • FacilitiyServer 4
  • HomeServer 3
  • FacilityServer 3
  • HomeServer 2
  • Iso for HS2.NET eleminated. This generation of devices cannot be supported any longer.


QuadClient / QuadConfig

New features

  • Increased password security



Basic setting of design selection
In the basic settings of QuadConfig the selection of active and inactive designs has been changed. From version 4.5.0:

  • Design 0 – active
  • Design 1 – inactive
  • Design 2 – active
  • Design 3 – inactive
  • Design 4 – active
  • Design 5 – active
  • Design 6 – active


Project check

  • Revised project check even when QuadConfig is running. Example: Changes to a communication object in Expert are directly adopted in QuadConfig without the need to restart the program.
  • Messages in the message window (error, warning, info) are reliable and synchronous, i.e. no display of ("wrong positive") error messages whose cause has already been "rectified".


Loading / saving projects

  • In rare cases it could occur that a project file was read incompletely – e.g. due to a defective function template having been loaded. Subsequent writing could then have led to data loss.
  • The read and write function for the project data was revised, the user will now be made aware of such errors. Written project data will only be adopted if successful.
  • In addition, log files can be opened from QuadConfig. In case of an error, these offer detailed information on the cause of the error.


Function template 1-107 – Shutters Awnings Roof window

  • Inverse motion direction for roof windows can now be selected as a response.


Function template 1-103 – Heating Plus (operationg mode switching)

  • "Presence button", "presence detector" selection options.
  • In the new "presence detector" mode, the buttons for operating mode switching are hidden.



  • Fixed: Timer - Astro function - pop-up for offset setting Sunset does not open.
  • Fixed: Function template 1-108 -Sensor with limit: It was not possible to specify negative numbers as a limit.


Expert Software

New features

  • Increased password security



  • Fixed: All EIB telegrams via EIBnet/IP coming from the HS have been marked as repetitions.


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