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Gira Expert

Order No. 0529 00, 2075 00

ZIP, 217.314 Kb

Version: 4.9.0

Date: 05.08.2019


Experte Version 4.9.0

System requirements

  • Operating system: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Free hard drive space: at least 1 GB
  • RAM: at least 2 GB
  • Software platform: at least Microsoft .NET 4.5

Supported devices

The Expert Software 4.9.0 is to be used in conjunction with the following end devices:

  • Gira HomeServer 4
  • Gira FacilityServer 4

Update information

It is only possible to update to firmware version 4.9.0 from the following versions:

  • 4.7.0 180424

New features and improvements


  • Repartitioning of the HomeServer memory
    this eliminates the previous max. project size and enables larger projects to be created.
  • USB firmware transfer
    The firmware transfer via an RS232 connection is not required, the firmware can now be upgraded and downgraded using a bootable USB stick.
  • USB project transfer
    The project firmware transfer via an RS232 connection is not required, the project can now be loaded to the HomeServer using a bootable USB stick.
  • Support of new Gira KNX-USB interface (from 2019)
    The previous Gira KNX-USB interface will be replaced by a revised version. The new KNX-USB interface supports the “KNX Long Frame” and is “KNX Secure Ready”. The previous KNX USB interface will continued to be supported.
  • Digest authentication for cameras
    When setting up a camera, a choice can be made between the “Basic” and “Digest” authentication procedure. Note: Digest authentication works in the HTML/Ajax Visu and in the HS Client.
  • If-Then logic mode
    A logic node that was developed with HSL2.0 and uses the URL endpoints. This provides the end user with a simple interface for configuring If-Then rules.
  • Scene logic node
    Two logic nodes that were developed with HSL2.0 and use the URL endpoints. This provides the end user with a simple interface for configuring scenes.
  • Sonos logic node
    Two logic nodes for controlling up to 8 Sonos speakers.
  • Support of the KNX group address range up to 31/7/255 (a total of 65535 ext. COs possible)
  • TLS1.0 function discontinued
    The obsolete and vulnerable TLS1.0 function has been expanded. Note: The Expert 4.9.0 no longer supports the older Controls 9 and 19 Clients 1 variants.


  • Completely revised standard function templates
  • Symbols in front of every function template
  • Text and/or symbol on a button
  • PIN retrieval only for ON and/or OFF
  • Adapted button colours (for easier reading)
  • Plug-in call via function template (e.g. for switching with counter)
  • Support of positively-driven operation (e.g. for blinds and shutters)
  • Scene plus can call HS Scene or KNX Scene (up to 4 scenes per function template)
  • Camera plug-in 2.0
  • Full-surface display in design 1 and 4 (Control 19)
  • mjpg support
  • Up to four camera images (jpg) in the overview (quadrant and over the entire surface)
  • Universal Player plug-in 2.0 (Sonos)
    The plug-in can be used in combination with the Sonos logic nodes and can control up to 8 Sonos speakers.
  • Music control function template (Sonos)
    The function template can be used in combination with the Sonos logic nodes.
  • Coloured counters
    The counters on the menu tiles can now also be displayed in colour. The colour can be changed via a CO.
  • Coloured menu page tiles
    Main menu tiles that point to lower-level menu tiles can be given a “coloured corner”.
  • Password procedure for initial login in QuadClient
    In the initial commissioning phase, the user (user from QuadClient Config Editor) does not have to enter his/her password again


Configuration simplification

  • References
    A list of references can be called at any time for all the available elements in the project
  • Functions Remove including references
    In the area of building structure and also trades, the function “Remove with references” can be used
  • Window arrangements
    The arrangements of the individual windows function templates, plug-ins, building structure, menu etc. can be quickly defined for the individual configuration steps using buttons (the existing profiles are used for this). The arrangements can be adapted and saved.
  • User group filtering
    The assignment of the elements to individual user groups can be filtered. Then only the elements of the filter user groups are displayed.
  • Function in the trade
    A function template is not always automatically inserted in the Trades view, but only if required.

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