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Gira G1 firmware update

Order No. 2069 .., 2067 .., 2077 ..

ZIP, 314.279 Kb

Version: 3.1.136

Date: 28.11.2019


New functions

  • In the Gira G1’s header, the date and time can be hidden, e.g. if no internet access is available and the Gira G1 is unable to retrieve the date and time from an NTP server.
  • Extension of the “Door communication” application to include the “SIP Client” function:
    • Users can choose between “Gira door communication” and “SIP door communication” in the door communication application
    • Support for Comelit, Schüco and TCS’s SIP systems
    • The Gira G1’s SIP feature can be parametrised via the Gira G1’s passwordprotected service site (the service site is accessed via browser and Gira G1 IP address)
    • Direct SIP calls or via registrar
    • Door station camera can be called up
    • Internal calls to other Gira G1 SIP clients, concierge, etc.
    • 12 ring tones available for selection
    • Ring tone deactivation
    • Door opener control can be adjusted via DTMF signal
    • Early media support for video image in advanceg

Known HomeServer client restrictions

  • No timer configuration
  • Direct plug-in changeover (plug-ins are only available via menu tiles)
  • Diagram plug-In: Switchover hour/day/week/month/year
  • Camera plug-in: Display of buttons
  • Call of third-party apps (e.g. Revox)
  • Menu entries "shake" and "clicking sound" have no function

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