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Gira Expert

Order No. 0529 00, 2075 00

ZIP, 222.315 Kb

Version: 4.0

Date: 28.03.2013


The Expert Software 4.0 must be used in conjunction with HomeServer 4 / FacilityServer.


Expert Software 4.0

  • Combining of Expert versions 2.8 and 2.10 to form a common version
  • Combine selection of devices under Project settings.
  • HS Monitor available under Tools.
  • BCU with VendorID: 0x135E and ProductID: 0x0025 added.



  • Browser plug-in: Memory problem eliminated.
  • Camera plug-in: Camera instance is only active with visibility.
  • DCS plug-in: Visibility also on the first tab of the quadrant.
  • Graph plug-in: New calculation for permanently specified limits of the Y-axis (upper limit of 100 possible).



  • Adjustment to HomeServer 4: New Linux-Kernel 2.6 for HomeServer 2/HomeServer 3.
  • Iso for HS2.NET eliminated. This generation of devices cannot be supported any longer.



  • New SDK template introduced
  • New functionalities for the menu tiles:
    • New symbols available for menu tiles.
    • Integration of the main menu symbols 5-100 in the standard scope.
    • Calling of building structure as flat or structured list (increased layout clarity when navigating through the building).
    • Jump in building section as flat or structured list (increased layout clarity when navigating through the building).
    • Hiding of building sections or rooms from the building structure. As a result, these functions are only possible by directly jumping in via a main menu tile.
    • Display type: LED ON/OFF with 6 different colours.
    • Display type: Multi-colour LED with six different colours controlled via value.
    • Display type: Counter field with three digits.
    • Display type: PIN protection. Action will only be carried out with correct PIN.
  • Design 0 for Android app introduced.
  • New plug-ins for:
    • RSS feed: Calling with embedded images (RSS Feedreader 2.0). Web call on pages possible.
    • E-mail: E-mail is no longer displayed via a popup, but instead in the quadrant (improved legibility). Display of html mails possible.
    • Weather: International weather. Display in colour or black-and-white. 3-day view and daily view divided into Morning, Afternoon and Evening. Registration of the service in HomeServer portal necessary (
    • Plug-in value display - QuadConfig: Communication objects can only be assigned with Drag&Drop.
  • Up until now, (static) templates used moved to "Old" folder. These are not supported by Android.
  • New templates (dynamic, after new SDK v2.1) created.
    • General information: Button labelling, colours, units configurable. Button labelling will be adopted in the choice of selections of the time clock
    • New templates: Dimmer plus, Switching with PIN query, Switching with block function/Automatic, Switching with counter, Switching with forced entry, Switching plus, Window/Door plus, Heating plus (setpoint value specification), Heating plus (operating mode switching), Sensor with limit, Shutters/Awnings/Roof window, PIN, Audio volume, HS scene, Light scene auxiliary unit, Sequence plus, Blind with slat adjustment, Value entry plus, Text display plus
  • New symbols available for configuration (and creation) of templates.
  • Pressing button longer and Repeat function is supported by templates.
  • Conversion of static to dynamic templates introduced.
  • Option of converting templates individually introduced.
  • Option of converting all templates used in project introduced.
  • Output of results of template conversion introduced.
  • Control of visibility of templates with KO object (query function).
  • Control of time clock via external KO object.
  • Version info on system page: Display of the QC version and the plug-ins and templates used with version number.
  • Import function prevents the importing of templates, plug-ins and menu symbols with the same version number (changes to templates, plug-ins and menu symbols must be assigned a new version number).
  • Deleting of imported templates, plug-ins and menu symbols is supported.


HomeServer portal

  • Portal has been completely revised
  • DynDNS service is available (integration of, for example, AVM Fritzbox possible)

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